It still amazes us that after 6 years of business, we still don’t do any marketing.

drink website preview
Luckily, the right people still seem to find us. But it was Tassie, our 11 year old daughter, who found the owners of Drink. It turns out they are basically neighbors, and are another husband and wife team who share family life and work as closely as you can imagine.
drink website preview

Drink is a local spirit shop in Chatham, NY. As the wedding industry grows so too does the demand for high-end event catering. So, Drink was looking to merge two disparate sites, one focused on their store and another for catering, to streamline what they do in one fun and dynamic place.

The site wanted to be curated in a way that was easy going and modern so we took fun + hip as a starting point and ran with it.

(mung-hee) n:

The quality of being extremely good at solving web/design-related problems.’

Just kidding, it was our 3-year old daughter’s word for watermelon. We just like the way it sounds.

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