When it comes to partnering with clients, we aim to inspire and feel incredibly grateful.

If you’re looking for a vendor to mindlessly churn out work, that’s not us. But if you want a partner with deep expertise that can put best-practices to work for you, we’re all about it.

Investment Approach

Partnership Scenarios


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Investment Approach

Why partner with clients?

Our partnership mentality allows us to better understand your needs and goals and work together to achieve them. Strong relationships take time to build, and we’re not here to get paid and go away – that’s not what we value.

This partnership, which we see as a show of trust in each other, is enabled in large part by our investment model. We eliminate upfront costs, which allows our clients to not only spread out the investment and work with us regularly but frees up capital to further invest in their business. With this, you get flexibility and predictability – choose the length of our agreement with a clear sense of what you will pay each month so you can budget and forecast with confidence. As every website needs to be managed, you’re able to lock in our management rates for the full length of our agreement. And It also gives us the bandwidth to monitor performance and recommend incremental updates to continually improve the experience for your audience.

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Creative Approach

Every client and every project is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The end results are shaped by our collaborative strategy, cultural influences, and evolving consumer expectations. However, here’s an example of how a project might come to life:

Discover – We guide you through a dialogue that will help us learn about your business, audience, mission, and goals. This comes from conversation, briefs, and the intuition we gain from getting to know you and your business.

Strategize – We size up the environment you operate within and potential opportunities that your business has – looking beyond your brief to explore new possibilities for your brand. We develop a strategy that will inform the methods we use to design your story and brand.

Design – Our small but powerful team who are wizards in design, information architecture, and development all collaborate to blend strategy and creativity.

Create – This is where strategy and design come together to build and share your story across web, digital, print or a combination of all.

The result? Brands that are both well-managed and deliver engaging experiences for those they serve.
Partnership Scenarios

We see four key scenarios where our work is most often required.

1. Create

Starting up or taking off, Mungy can help create a new reality for your business.

2. Grow

As you grow, Mungy can help your business fulfill its true potential.

3. Adapt

Adapting to change by remaining relevant, Mungy can help you re-define your place in the world.

4. Transform

Embracing opportunity on your own terms, Mungy can help you steer a clear course for the road ahead.

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The quality of being extremely good at solving web/design-related problems.’

Just kidding, it was our 3-year old daughter’s word for watermelon. We just like the way it sounds.

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