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More than just a Creative Studio.

We are passionate about many things, building relationships is one of them. Let's chat!

More than just a Creative Studio.

We are passionate about many things, building relationships is one of them. Let's chat!
Mungy Colour Logo

Soulful storytelling: Mungy collaborates to learn unique stories and share them as clean, sophisticated and impactful designs.

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Web design for life

Mungy is a full-service design studio. Our mission is to translate your brand’s unique story into a crisp, sophisticated and streamlined web presence through hands-on collaboration and personalized design.
Unlike other web service providers out there, we’ll handle the everyday details of management of your website, for a single monthly investment, saving you time, money and hassle, and freeing you up to grow your brand.
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The power of clean, expressive and lovingly-crafted design can transform experiences.

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The only subscription-based service that offers stunning web designs, updates, security and maintenance on an ongoing basis, so you can focus on what’s most important: your business.
This innovative approach to website design and management can guide you to the greatest return on your investment by increasing retention rates, elevating brand awareness, and magnifying your credibility within the digital landscape. Because shouldn’t the quality of your website match the quality of your business?
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We crafted a beautiful portfolio website for this cutting edge building company.

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Experts in bringing brands to life digitally.

Mungy collaborates with brands of every size and industry, from solopreneurs to enterprise companies, from lifestyle to corporate.
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We collaborated with this creative organization to design a new site that brought to life the awesome work they do.
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We re-branded this growing florist company to match the beautiful way they had evolved since launching their company.
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We worked together with this well established family run business to enhance their online presence with a complete fresh website and eCommerce store.
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What started as a small rebrand has developed into many exciting projects with this quickly growing entrepreneur ecosystem!

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