377 Builders

Sustainability is what sits at the heart of 377 Builders.

What began as a group of friends and freelance builders working together on various projects resulted in a Berkshire born building company who specialize in unique and creative new construction and renovation. They were ready for a site that truly represented the beautiful work they do.
377 Builders envisioned that their new website would feel personal and welcoming, they wanted to share their authentic story while also showcasing the high quality of work they deliver. Together we worked on creating a site that felt minimal, yet warm and modern with the finesse of traditional craftsmanship that sits at the core of what they do.

(mung-hee) n:

The quality of being extremely good at solving web/design-related problems.’

Just kidding, it was our 3-year old daughter’s word for watermelon. We just like the way it sounds.

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