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J Harwood Architect is a small office specializing in sustainable design in both modern and traditional styles. They have earned a reputation for creating one-of-a-kind buildings, tailored to their site and their clients’ needs. Their design emphasizes clear spatial relationship, crisp details and a concise pallet of materials. As an architect in the Berkshires, Jim is able to draw from a rich pallet of regional materials and vernacular building forms. By using locally sourced materials, J Harwood Architect can reduce a project’s embodied energy, lowering its carbon footprint, while bringing a unique regional character to the design. With projects in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Hamptons, Miami, Connecticut, the Berkshires, Cape Cod, and beyond, they combine time tested construction techniques with the latest developments in building technology, to create warm, classic designs of the highest quality, to enjoy far into the future.
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