Who we are

/mung·ghee/ bright, edgy and light with a splash of fresh simplicity. Inspired by our beautiful planet, playful warm sunshine, surf at our feet and sweet juicy watermelon. Simultaneously energizing and grounding, we tempt you to choose a path less traveled and see things differently with us.
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Mungy is a full-service design studio. Our mission is to translate your brand’s unique story into a crisp, sophisticated and streamlined web presence through hands-on collaboration and personalized design.
Unlike other web service providers out there, we’ll handle the everyday details of management of your website, for a single monthly investment, saving you time, money and hassle, and freeing you up to grow your brand.

Our purpose is to tell your story through superior, creative design and a strong commitment to partnership.

This innovative approach to website design and management can guide you to the greatest return on your investment by increasing retention rates, elevating brand awareness, and magnifying your credibility within the digital landscape. Because shouldn’t the quality of your website match the quality of your business?

Mungy is about creativity and inspiration; it’s about collaboration and sweet, soulful storytelling. For us, Mungy is more than just a business; it’s a passion.

Our Story

An Adventurous Outlook

This word articulates the values they hold most dear: building a family of members, rather than a business, discovering the fresh vibrancy in each unique point of view, growing something meaningful from the seeds of creativity and customizing the website experience so that it meets the specific needs of every individual and entity.
Mungy is more than just a business; it’s a passion. We believe in two fundamental truths: that strong, lifelong partnerships serve as the bedrock for a sustainable and productive community and that the power of clean, expressive and lovingly-crafted design can transform experiences.

And we are…

Meet The Team

Meet the creative team that makes Mungy tick. We’re a partnership focused studio so that we can be all things creative for you.
creative director + co-founder


relationship builder + co-founder




Lead writer


and a handful of other really great people...